How Citations Can Boost Your Local or Online Business On The SERP -

Why do you need citations?

Citations are a key component on how your online store will rank on search engines such as Google or Bing. Whether you put some or all citations, they can help you improve your online store’s ranking on the search results. And the better you rank is, the bigger the chances of customers finding you.

Another positive side of using citations is your online business’ validation. Search engines work in a way that they use the information from citations to prove that your online business is, in fact, a legitimate one, something that will give customers reassurance of your business’ quality and validity. When customers search for something belonging to the niche your online store belongs to, your name will pop on the first page. This will put your business in circles where your customer community is.

There is a common misconception that if your business is run online, you don’t benefit from local citations, which is not the case. Even if your business doesn’t have a physical location, having a local citation for it allows your online store to rank higher in searches performed by local customers.

If you are a small business owner, citations are even more important to you, because if you don’t have an official website, Google will track any information it can find related to your online business. Having wrong information given to customers can be detrimental to your online business, as it will take away the customers you would have if you had the correct information given. So, pay good attention when entering your NAP (Number, Address, Phone Number) information.

How Citations Can Boost Your Local or Online Business On The SERP

Many online business owners aren’t familiar with what citations are although they can be very useful for developing your SEO business both locally and internationally. Citations are listings or mentions of your online business on other websites, such as a link to your online store’s website, your business’ phone number and/or address, or anything else related to your online store.

Setting up your citations

Setting up citations isn’t difficult, but it does take some time to do correctly. Enter your online store’s information on as many sites as you can, and make sure you give the same information on every site to avoid confusion. Giving different information can create confusion for both search engines and customers, making your business seem illegitimate.

  1. Keyword optimization

In order for your business to sell online, you have to be familiar with SEO. Keyword optimizing is a science by itself used by many successful online business owners. Knowing how to use the correct words to get your business noticed requires a good knowledge of the online market, so be prepared to invest some time in doing a good research when entering your online information.

Find out which words are most commonly used by customers when performing a search for products or services belonging to your niche. These words give you your keywords, and by using them you increase the chance of clients getting directed to your website. Increased number of website traffic means increased number of potential customers.

2. Online business directories

There are many websites known as structured websites or business listing directories. These websites are specially made for citations and people go to them when they want to find information about a business, so by having your name on them, you increase the chance of your online business getting noticed.

Having your citations on these websites increases the reliability search engines have of your online business and increases the traffic on your online website. Make sure you put your citations on the following pages:

–    Google

–    Yahoo

–    Yelp

–    Bing

–    Pinterest

–    LinkedIn

–    Foursquare

–    Yellowpages

–    Facebook

–    Other niche websites

  1. Google My Business

Another method making its appearance lately is Google My Business. Setting up your Google My Business account can benefit your online business and make you more visible to customers. The way Google My Business works is that it uses different sources to get information on online businesses and make proper listings based on this information.

What makes it so useful for the whole online market is that all the information it has is 100% verified. It gives you a complete overview of the different online business’ account you manage and if you want to enter new information, you have to have the specific pin previously sent to the address or phone number you listed.

Overall, whether you own a local or online business, having proper citations can significantly increase your website’s traffic and make it easier for customers to find your business. Successful business owners have found a way to rank top in search engine results, so follow in their footsteps and invest your time in getting your citations out there. It will pay off with time. If you don’t have a website already, you can use an online store builder to create one with Shopify. It is a great and easy platform that you can use to start your online business.


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